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Why Choose Masonry over Pavers?
I see many homes with paver system walkways and walls.  It is a very common site in most communities.  

The Paver Industry spends a lot of money advertising its products.  Most masons do not advertise nor do the quarries that produce the raw stone products we use.  Most mason companies are often much more descreet about the way we work.  My company does not solicit work in that way.  A large portion of all our work comes from word of mouth and repeat clients.  We feel it is the best advertisement there is.  This is also the old way of doing things, which falls in line with our old school approach of business.

Through the years a common theme I hear among homeowners with pavers.  
-We thought about having our steps, walkway patio etc done and we called a landscaper. 
-The other common reason is that lawn care companies are a widely noticed so people naturally assume to call them.
-We seen comercials or samples at a local hardware store or at a nursery. 

Homeowners may not realize that masons perform all tasks landscapers provide with the exception of lawn care.
Also, most masons are more select on the projects we perform and do it with a very high standard.

So why choose masonry vs pavers?

It is true that in most cases pavers are a cheaper option.  They are and that is not really disputable.  But why are cheaper?  

-Pavers first off are much faster to install.  In most cases 3 times faster.  
-The material cost is less.
-They do not use concrete or cement (which also saves a lot of cost)
-In most cases pavers systems are a set and go process with limited skill or experience needed.

Why Use Masonry?

-Masonry (Stone or Brick work) is more attractive.
-Masonry is more durable and in most cases will last decades and still look great, pavers usually will not.
-Masonry has a prestige to it and the wow factor.
-Masonry is timeless.
-Most realtors will tell you that homes with stone patios and walls look far better and have a better curb appeal.
-Masonry is much more customizable.

As a Master Stonemason I can tell you that the level of quality and work far exceeds pavers.
Masonry usually will cost you a fraction more than pavers and look so much better.

As a Company we personally pull up or take down 6 or more paver projects every year and end replacing with stonework.  Some because a new homeowner moves in and wants them gone.  Other times they simply look outdated.  Pavers will move over time and cause debris and plant life to grow in seems.

I don’t want to sound like I a looking down upon pavers.  Pavers do in some case have a purpose.  Consider an option that is on another level of quality and prestige for a little more money and customizability.

Give us a call before you, or after you talk with a landscaper.  You most likely will be pleasantly surprised on what you can get done.



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